sea turtle in the deep ocean

Ethical Observation of Nature

Our EON initiative is specifically dedicated to promoting sustainable travel practices with a deep respect for marine wildlife.

We firmly believe that by approaching marine ecosystems with care and responsibility, we can ensure their long-term preservation and foster meaningful connections with the natural world.

Our journey starts by shining a spotlight on our partners’ participation in the Ethical Observation of Nature programme.

Each day, we are inspired by the growing number of activity providers that embrace sustainable practices when it comes to observing and respecting the natural world.

This empowers travelers to make conscious choices, knowing they can expect ethical and immersive experiences during their experiences.


A sea turtle hatchling in the hands of a volunteer ready to be taken to the ocean
Ethical Observation of Nature EON Badge from

Together, we embark on this shared journey.

Where experiences, activities and the ethical observation of nature intertwine harmoniously.

By celebrating and supporting our partners’ dedication to this programme, we pave the way for immersive and respectful experiences that leave a positive impact on our planet.

Experience Ethical Nature Exploration with the Independently Verified EON programme.

 EON recognizes activity providers committed to ethical practices, allowing travelers to choose activities that align with their values and support nature preservation.

When travelers see the EON badge, they can trust that the activity promotes sustainability and preserves Zakynthos’s natural beauty.

Key Points for Ethical Observation of Nature Programme

  • Respect for Vulnerable and Protected Areas
  • Responsible Approach to Wildlife
  • Protection of Breeding Wild Animals
  • Minimizing Noise and Engine Disruption
  • Non-Interference with Wildlife
  • No Feeding of Wild Animals
  • Response to Signs of Disturbance
  • Collaboration with Research Institutions
  • Reporting Injured or Stranded Wildlife