About us

Our island

With summer 2023 around the corner, it’s been established that Zakynthos is among the top tourism destinations not only in Greece but on the whole planet. The famous shipwreck beach (Navagio), crystalline turquoise waters, turtle island (Marathonisi), Mizithres, sunset views, luminous blue sky, and vibrant nightlife have been making viral rounds on social media and in popular culture for almost a decade now.

This is where we come into the scene among other businesses on the island serving tourists, accommodation, and activities that have been around for several decades. Our initial instinct was to bring a fun and user-friendly interface to the excellent services these businesses offer.

Beyond that, we are personally motivated by a desire to share the Zakynthos we would like to get to know if we were visiting as strangers so we could leave as friends.

Our Values

Bespoke experiences, living like a local, local products, culture, respect for nature, protected wildlife, slow living, conscious consumption, sustainable solutions, and a sense of universal community are some of the values we stand for.

The “wooded isle of Zakynthos” as Homer called it, the island of poets and music, has a magnetic pull and romantic mysticism that draws visitors back again and again. As locals, growth is no longer our objective. In fact, it might be time to focus on what we already have, improving efficiency and quality while preserving the raw, wild qualities that set our island apart and make you feel alive.

Our Spirit

As a team, we are collecting the best our home has to offer in one convenient modern place. Each of us brings to the table years of experience in business, the arts, media, tourism, hosting, and guiding, walking the alleys and dirt roads, and sailing the endless blue of the Ionian Sea.

The next day
This is a step towards the best possible version of our earthly paradise, so we thank you in advance for your feedback, participation, and support.


From eonion Team with love signed by eon the turtle